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We have a team of HR professionals on call

We take the stress out of dealing with staff

We help you to be compliant with industrial relations legislation

We make sure that your staff are working to full productivity and capacity

We deal with all the staffing issues that you don’t know how to, or don’t want to deal with

We assist you to manage complex HR issues including staff mediation, investigations and Fair Work matters

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Have a staffing issue you need help with? Do you want help to set up an effective modern HR system that reflects the brand of your business? We have a team of experienced HR consultants that are able to provide personalised HR advise.

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Don’t have a Handbook in place? Download one of our colourful and easy to read industry specific Handbooks. Handbooks include workplace expectations, workplace policies – grievances, bullying, drugs and alcohol, taking of leave and WH&S.

set up your HR system

At HR Dynamics we understand that small & medium sized businesses need effective HR frameworks in place. HR Dynamics can provide your business with useable, easy to implement HR processes, that won’t overwhelm you in unnecessary paperwork.

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