ToolBox Talk
Cyber Safety is about making sure that you have appropriate controls in place to keep your data safe.   This Toolbox Talk is discussion starting point to have with all staff to promote cyber safety and security. 


The NAB ( bank has excellent information on their website as well – some snippets below:
Make it easy for your employees to practice cyber safety
Building a positive and proactive security culture starts with talking about your cyber safety strategy from day one. Your induction program for new employees should include a conversation, interactive workshop, or online module of learning to help new employees understand:

  1. the cyber safety risks for your business
  2. why cyber security threats are a danger to your business
  3. what policies and procedures are in place to protect employees and your business from cyber threats
  4. where to go to find more information
  5. where to report cyber security concerns, threats or incidents
  6. To grow a proactive cyber security culture, you need to make it easy for your employees to do the right thing – start your cyber safety discussion today. 

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