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The mediator is impartial and is not there to make decisions, judgements or provide solutions, they are there to guide the participants in exploring the conflict with a view to raising awareness and perceptions of the other party to allow a mutual resolution to be achieved


How Can we Help You?

Our HR Dynamics team currently work with small to medium businesses in a range of capabilities. These include auditing business HR systems, establishing tailored HR frameworks, conducting staff performance reviews, staff counselling sessions and setting key objectives for both the owners and managers, and the team.


HR System Setup

What are your expectations of your staff? Do not underestimate the importance of setting your expectations in a formalised manner, so everyone understands where they stand.


Contracts, Pay Rates, Fair Work and IR Compliance

Without effective HR policies in place your business will be like playing a game without any rules. Are you finding it hard to navigate and understand your industrial relations obligations? Do you understand what Modern Award you should be paying staff under? Do you have all of the appropriate paperwork in place for a new staff member (contract, job description, staffing handbook)?


Performance Management

Labour costs are a major expense for any organisation. You need to ensure that you are getting value for money from this resource. If staff are not performing to the required level then it needs to be formally addressed.


Staff Grievances and Workplace Issues

Be proactive in dealing with issues by incorporating a transparent, legal and procedurally fair process. HR Dynamics can ensure that a clear and fair process is in place for staff to raise and settle a grievance which may arise against another staff member or members. An outside unbiased party, such as HR Dynamics, assists employers in meeting their responsibility of undertaking a fair investigation and ensures that staff grievances are handled in a positive and efficient way.


Buy Documents Online

Want to do it yourself, but don’t have the time to prepare the documents or get a policy manual together? We can help you! Instantly downloadable staffing handbooks available on our website. Industry specific.