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Want to do it yourself, but don’t have the time to prepare the documents or get a policy manual together? We can help you! Save time, amd money with our industry specific staffing handbooks below.

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Don’t have a Handbook in place?

Download one of our colourful and easy to read industry specific Handbooks. Handbooks include workplace expectations, workplace policies – grievances, bullying, drugs and alcohol, taking of leave and WH&S.

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What is Included?

Our downloadable handbooks include policies on the following topics:


  1. Email, internet, mobile phones, social media, cyber safety

  2. Customer service, smoking, eating and drinking

  3. Intellectual property, conflicts of interest, outside employment

  4. Annual leave (requesting and taking), Personal leave, leave without pay, parental leave, stand down

  5. Timesheets, rosters, overtime policies

  6. WH&S statement 

  7. Bullying, harassment and discrimination, grievances policy, performance management policy

  8. Manual handling, near misses, hazard reporting, fire procedures, fatigue management

  9. Safe driving / vehicle policy, drug and alcohol policy

  10. Confidentiality

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