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Terms & Conditions

At Human Resource Dynamics we are committed to providing a range of staffing solutions to assist you in reaching your business goals.

We believe that people are a company’s greatest asset; good people management will result in a productive and engaged team this will lead to a successful business. 

Acceptance of our services, including downloading of our templates/forms, signifies your acceptance of our terms and conditions.


The strictest confidentiality of all business and staff related information pertaining to your organisation will be kept at all times.  

Third Party Services

To ensure that accurate information is provided by Human Resource Dynamics, advice may be sought from government agencies and employer advisory groups. To assist in the inquiry, information regarding your business may need to be provided. Should you not wish this to occur please contact Phoebe Kitto or Rebecca Wright.  


Human Resource Dynamics does not provide legal advice and our recommendations DO NOT constitute legal advice.  If you need a lawyer we are happy to make a recommendation.  We take all due care to provide you with quality human resources services, however, our liability is limited to the extent of the contractual payments you have made to us and then only if we have demonstrably breached our obligations to you.  

We accept no liability for any sort of consequential loss or damage.

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