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Labour costs are a major expense for businesses. You need to ensure that you are getting value for money from this resource. If staff are not performing to the required level then it needs to be formally addressed.

Insubordination, bullying, harassment, rudeness  - these are just some examples of behavior that is not acceptable in our workplaces and if it occurs needs to be formally addressed.

To ensure a fair and legal process is used to address performance or behavior related issues.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t bury your head in the sand or use the “silent treatment” to deal with staffing issues. In most cases they will not go away but will snowball.
  • Don’t jump to conclusions. There are two sides to every story, make sure you conduct a proper and unbiased investigation.
  • Do not conduct performance counselling sessions in the heat of the moment or when you know your mind is not in a rational place!
  • Always advise the staff member they have the right to have a witness at the counselling session.
  • Start the session by getting the employee to talk as much as possible and consider their perspective i.e. “can you talk me through what happened yesterday morning” “can you talk me through what you believe are the responsibilities in your job”.
  • Highlight where there is a performance gap or breach in policy etc. Explain why this behavior or performance can not continue in the workplace.
  • Identify any retraining or job modification that needs to be made to ensure that this will not occur again.
  • Explain the potential consequences should there not be an improvement in performance and/or behaviour.
  • After the interview document the meeting and get the staff member to sign.
  • Don’t hold grudges. You need the staff member to become a positive, high performing member of staff. This will not occur if they believe there is a vendetta against them.

Contact us for:

  • The drafting of performance counselling templates
  • Reviewing current performance counselling templates that you have in place
  • Conducting independent workplace investigations
  • To assist in conducting performance counselling sessions and their documentation
  • Providing supervisory and management training on how to conduct effective performance counselling
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