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What can HR Dynamics Provide? 

The key critical element identified for success in the competitive business marketplace is related around staffing and service issues, including:

  • Setting expectations with staff members from the beginning
  • Written policies in place to ensure legal coverage
  • Recruiting the right people, in the right roles, at the right time, with the right training and support
  • Ensuring the frameworks and systems are in place to ensure consistency in service delivery
  • Excellence in staff productivity; ensuring that staff are accountable for their role and take pride in their work
  • Staff with a customer service focus that support the company brand

Our HR Dynamics team currently work with small to medium businesses in a range of capabilities. These include auditing business HR systems, establishing tailored HR frameworks, assisting in recruitment, conducting staff performance reviews, staff counseling sessions and setting key objectives for both the owners/managers and the team. 

Our team is passionate about leadership and ensuring that staff work to the best of their ability.  We are able to assist you to manage complex HR issues including staff mediation.   HR Dynamics is a local company that has the capacity to not only set up the appropriate framework for the future staffing needs, but to continue to provide ongoing HR support.

Click here to read a brief outline of Australia’s Industrial Relations system, employment types, salaries, entitlements, flexibility agreements.


Toolbox Talks

A toolbox talk is designed to provide education and training in the area of best practice and works alongside your employee handbook and other company workplace health and safety policies and procedures to remind employees of what to do in various situations. Below are a few toolbox talks that you can download, but if you'd like to receive toolbox talks in your email inbox, click here to let us know.

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