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Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a structured evaluation of a staff member's work performance. They should be aligned to the job description and any individual key performance indicators that are in place (i.e. staff targets, customer feedback).

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  • Feedback is one of the most powerful tools a manger can use to motivate, inspire and lift the performance of an individual.
  • Your staff should be one of your most valuable assets in a business. They  deserve your one on one attention.
  • They facilitate open dialogue in a structured manner between the manager and the employee.
  • They address performance issues in a positive practical way.
  • They identify training and development opportunities.
  • They allow the employer to formally acknowledge and thank the employee  for what they are doing well in the job.
  • They provide the necessary data to assess your staffing resource as a whole and evaluate strengths and weaknesses in your team.
  • They can be used for succession planning and individual career planning.
  • The drafting of performance review templates
  • Reviewing current performance review templates you have in place
  • Providing coaching and support in the preparation or facilitating reviews
  • Providing supervisory and management training on how to conduct effective performance reviews
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