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HR Policies

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Policies provide a set of “house rules” for your business that all staff must adhere to.

At a minimum your business should have the following policies:

  • Workplace Health and Safety policies
  • Incident and hazard reporting
  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Grievance handling procedures
  • Drug and alcohol/drug and alcohol testing
  • Uniforms and grooming
  • Performance counseling/staff warnings
  • Personal use of company equipment
  • Staff and family discounts
  • Use of vehicles/drivers licence
  • Customer service and complaint handling


The importance of policies: 

Not having policies in the work place is similar to playing a game with no rules! Common sense to one person is different to another. Clear policies are essential to clarify what is expected from staff. They can also outline potential consequences if policies are not followed. Providing a copy of company policies to new staff will ensure that there is consistency in the induction process.

Tips and Tricks When Writing Company Policies

  • Keep them simple and easy to read
  • Make sure they are relevant to your business (don’t fall in the trap of googling fancy policies that sound good but have little relevance to your business)
  • Ensure all new staff receive a copy of the main policies when they start
  • Review, update and reissue company policies on an annual basis to ensure that they are “live” and relevant
  • When drafting policies check if there is any legislation compliance that you need to be aware of
  • We recommend having a staff handbook that contains a summary of policies
  • Consider having your handbook on line in an interactive format

It is important to ensure that your staffing policies are well written and legally compliant.

Contact us for:

  • The drafting of company policies
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on your existing policies
  • Drafting a staff handbook
  • Implementing an interactive online staff handbook
  • Staff training on policies
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